Director  – Amrebaev Aidar Moldashovich

Sector of Comparative Political Studies

Deputy Director of the Center, Head of the Sector - Aitymbetov Nurken Iskakovich

State and nation-building sector

Head  - Kadyrzhanov Rustem Kazakbaevich

Department of Ethnopolitical Research

Head  - Shaikemelev Mukhtarbek Seid-Alievich

Research priorities of the Center:
1. Political theory and practical aspects of state building.
2. Ethnopolitics.
3. Comparative studies of actual problems of modern politics.
Participation of the Center's staff in scientific academic projects:
1. TPF "Research of the culture and values of society in the context of the strategy of sustainable development of Kazakhstan" (headed by Nurmuratov S.E., Kurmangalieva G.K)
2. TPF "Social modernization of Kazakhstani society: ideological and worldview foundations, conceptual models, socio-cultural processes, socio-political technologies" (leader Sagikyzy A.S.)
3. Grant financing project "Cultural foundations of nation-building in Kazakhstan" (headed by Kadyrzhanov R.K.)
4. The project of grant financing "Monitoring as a method of research and forecasting of the dynamics of ethnosocial processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (supervisor Shaikemelev M.S.)
5. The project of grant financing "The impact of digitalization on the political culture of Kazakhstani youth" (supervisor Aitymbetov N.I.)